Do's & Dont's

1. Follow staff instructions at all times.

2. you are advised to consult the doctor before entering into snow area, if you are:

  • Suffering from any condition that could be aggravated by this experience
  • Suffering from any medical problems relating to the heart, back or neck, asthma etc.
  • Pregnant

3. All visitors entering the snow area must be appropriately attired in snow jackets & boots. We reserve the right to refuse entry if you are not properly attired.

4. Snow area is slippery by nature. Please be careful and watch every step.

5. You are not allowed to:

  • Litter the snow area
  • Walk or run down the snow slope
  • Walk or run down the snow slope
  • Throw snow at another person's face
  • Disturb the other visitors, ambiance or environment

6. Parent / Guardian must accompany children below 10 years at all times.

7. When sliding down the snow slope, you:

  • Should consult the staff for any assistance
  • Must hold and sit on the rubber tube / mat at all times
  • Should not carry any bag or items, which will hinder the activity

8. If there is any emergency, please stay calm and follow the staff instructions.

9. please make sure all your belongings are in safe custody.

10. Management is not responsible for any loss or damage of your property or belongings, liable for any injury or death suffered by you.

11. please follow the instructions, directions and make it an enjoyable experience for yourself and other visitors while you are at Snow City.

House Rules:

Enjoy karna manna nahi!!!

Enjoy the beautiful experience with snow. Follow instructions and safety measures.

  • Cameras are permitted in the snow area by paying a fee of Rs. 50/- per camera.
  • Mobile Phones are not allowed in the snow area.
  • Eatables & Beverages of any kind are not allowed in the snow area.
  • Limited safety lockers are available on rent of Rs. 50/- for 2-hours. Additional Rs.50 is charged for every hour onwards. However, management is not responsible for your belongings. Lockers will be break-open in case the safety lock key is not returned by 21:00hrs. On the date of rental. Skiing, Snow Boarding Facilities are not available.
  • Jackets, gloves, boots are provided free of cost on returnable basis. All apparel/boot sizes are subject to availability.
  • Please use dustbins. Do not litter.